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A tale teller by nature, Trezdamirra is a poetic mastermind who cleverly creates visuals in the minds of his listeners with his in-depth, lyrical raps that are a twist in the hip-hop culture.

Trezdamirra’s initial interest in music developed to compete, fit in, and prove a point to his peers about his own skills. But soon enough, he began experimenting with music, blending poetry with the longing for freedom of speech- something that became therapeutic to him with all the negative energy around.

Born and raised in Jackson, TN, Trezdamirra started low to make it big. The compliments from the judges at the affinity music showcase in Nashville,  gave him the confidence to pursue a career in song producing and writing. Thereafter, he began getting  Licensing deal offers from publishing companies,  getting radio play  all over internet radio with songs like Pop Ya Kitty feat ICE MIC 360 and Move ya Body produced by Miami's Own Chico Star from his Brand New EP: Trezdamirra Clear the Water!  Trezdamirra since has started his own publishing company Tennessee Worldwide Musicgroup and Merchandise Company TN Worldwide and continues to grow it on a International HIPHOP Front

Trezdamirra’s shows are like his vibes- energetic, enthralling and hyped. While many resemble his sound to those of the great legends such as Nas, Scarface of the GetoBoys, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, TI, Kanye West and Pimp C! Trezdamirra was highly influenced by  Tribe Called Quest, and Black Thought of the Legendary Roots Crew! He believes that while his sound might be inspired by these icons, he still withholds a distinctive authenticity that is the mark of his originality.

Being Deeply Involved in HipHop Culture, Trezdamirra has produced HIPHOP Awareness Songs like "In Luv" where he encourages self Love  and Hello Baby where he campaigns to find missing girls all over the World, and even on his Compilation Album Tennessee Worldwide Reloaded Trezdamirra drops gems like  Rain Don't Stop, making his music catalog vast in topics  most important super fun!